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Welcome to the NEW website of ASCENSOR !

We hope that you will find a lot of useful information on our website.  


Thanks to the news on our website you will always be up-to-date and find out all about our Topics.

 We have decided to redesign our homepage again. Our topics on renewable energy , PV, green services and waste recycling, visit our new website at   


and find us on LinkeIn.


On this presentation ASCENSOR we will only devote a theme, which disadvantaged women will help in the future, especially here in Africa. You can Find us also on Facebook and Twitter, soon also on Instagram and other platforms. IM you will find us on WA , WeChat , SkypeTelegram and Threema

On this page, we will only devote a theme, which disadvantaged women will help in the future, especially here in Africa.


We already have installed another company in East Africa. When searching for qualified employees we came across a group of white men who are involved in criminal activities related to the abuse of African women.


Some cases from the past have induced me to take the initiative for misused women in Africa. We would like on the one hand offer orientation to women of every age to prevent violence and abuse. On the other hand, we want to give courage to abused women to seek professional help however far one can still get assistance. Our complete assistance for this purpose is free of charge.


We want clearly distinguish between abuse and violence of women here whatsoever.


Violence against women is also drastically underreported. Due to widespread acceptance of violence, feelings of shame and lack of resources, most women who experience violence do not report to formal or informal services.


Very important note about the security of your personal data and provided information:

We treat all information very confidential. Without your consent data and messages will be never be shared with other persons or authorities!


 Further details and contact adresses will be published very soon.


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