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I want to introduce myself to you. I am a business owner in the alternative energy and environmental management. I am a native German, but did most of my work life spent in non-European countries. For over 22 years I am married to a woman of African descent, we have five common children. We plan to install in the next few months another company in East Africa. When searching for qualified employees we came across a group of white men who are involved in criminal activities related to the abuse of African women. Specifically, the humiliating actions of a Dutch citizen have attracted special attention. For all these accusations, we have officially confirmed witness statements of respectable women. Since some time, the local judicial authorities have turned charge next to private investigators to clarify the background.

In this current case, Mr Hans xxxxxxx is involved. He tried with an incorrect legal statement, to move two of his former love servants to silence about his shameful past.

We do not want to condemn Mr xxxxxxxx due to his double moral standards or his moral codes. In this particular case, we only want justice to two proven innocent African women.

Furthermore, we have made it our task, to take action of this unworthy behaviour of white men. We want to discuss in the public media and thus damaged African women to gain justice. For especially this purpose, we will be release a Facebook page very soon. Still we are already on Twitter in action. Even a homepage with German management will soon go online, informing and preventing about such actions all over Africa.